How do I buy shares in the available pools? 

The assigned betting expert will setup stocks in the clubs website that represent betting pools. Each stock is formed by a number of shares and each share as an initial value. If you have enough balance in your members account you can buy available shares in newly created stocks until all shares are sold out. To purchase participations in the betting polls you will need to login to your members account and go to the “Buy Shares” option in your Dashboard. Under this page you will see all available shares and you will be able to do a purchase requests. After you have done this step, a club member’s administration will review your request and approve your order. Once this is done you will receive a confirmation email and your shares will display under your members account.

How do I see updates in my betting pool? 

Every time the expert defines a betting system and places the bet(s) the individual stock on the website will be updated with the results. You can follow the increase or decrease based on the outcome(s) of the placed bets.

How do I deposit funds in my members account? 

In order to deposit funds in to your account you will need to do a bank transfer to the member’s bank account. You can find the club’s bank details under the “Deposit page” under your account dashboard or also in the rules section of this website. 

If a betting pool is profitable when and how can I withdraw my earnings?

Each pool has a certain earnings target when setup. Normally 150% of the initial value. Once this target is reached the pool is closed and all winnings are distributed according to your number of shares in the pool. After fees are charged as per the club’s rules you can request a bank withdrawal through the “Withdrawal” section in the Dashboard.