Club Members Rules

  1. Mainly jackpot pools are played in the V6 or V7 / V8 and Danish horse races.
  2. All games are displayed via our website
  3. Jackpot Club's account at Jyske Bank 5041 0001402626
    (IMPORTANT: Remember to enter your mobile number and name / surname of the deposit)

    IBAN: DK4250410001402626 - Swiftcode - JYBADKKK.

  4. As a member of our gaming club, we expect you to treat all games confidentially.
  5. Jackpot Club acknowledges the right and duty to process information about sponsors in accordance with the Personal Data Act and Information Privacy Law applicable in all EU countries.
  6. Jackpot Club will at all times treat information confidentially.
  7. Jackpot Club updates daily the value of shares, while backups are made in case of system failures.


As a member, you acknowledge:

  • To provide correct information when creating membership.
  • There is no profit guarantee. Loss is a member's own responsibility.
  • Jackpot Club must offer you the opportunity to participate in new partner projects
  • Jackpot Club must contact you with new initiatives in the future.
  • That if you, as a Jackpot Club member, actively participate (eg judge, coach or train) in one or more single standing games, bets will be suspended and your winnings donated according to the individual's wish.
  • All doubts are resolved sovereignty by Jackpot Club.