Meet The Experts

In The Jackpot Club we have affiliated with some of Denmark's best experts.

Do you want to pursue happiness yourself? Then Lucky is your go-to guy. He offers a personal coupon only for you, where you do not have to share winnings with other members of the union. Lucky Jack often offers the most transparent system where you get an easy and clear overview. This is the fastest way to big winnings - if you are Lucky!

Isak is the specialist in the big V-rounds, like V75 & V86. Do you want high entertainment and many combinations in the otherwise expensive pools? Then Isak will help you to the finish line! Play with other members of the union on this stock which often has a few outsiders that can help secure million winnings. Isak has the magic 8-ball and sees the future before the rest of us - it is a big advantage when you have to find today's big outsider!

Do you love to gamble and can never get enough? Then the Gambler is your best friend! We offer you action most days through The Gambler. If you cannot wait a whole week for the big jackpot, then go for a win both at lunch and again tonight. The gambler is the most frequent stock and offers not only V-rounds but often also a good V/P bet, twin, DD or other. Our Gambler is free and independent, so it bets every time it discovers an outsider - therefore your chances of winning are particularly good with this stock!

Jackpot Club's latest and most exciting initiative is our golden bus! The golden bus offers you to get on and off whenever you want. Buy or sell your stock whenever it suits you - completely free of charge! The stock price is live and will be able to move up or down. This is your big chance to buy low and sell high. Only you decide when enough is enough. Sell ​​on time - and buy again when the stock is lower. Here you can secure wins on both great play from the experts and cleverness from yourself. The golden bus’ forerunner was this year's Christmas calendar which gave a return of more than 350%!

The Mammen brothers are in many ways JC's golden bird. Frederik & Nicolai have won countless prizes in their time as our experts. The brothers are still the architects behind JC's most successful heist as they secured more than DKK 1,300,000. to our members! They guarantee that they are not finished at all yet and there are many more winnings waiting when they play either V64 or V75 on behalf of our members.

Knud Lillegård is one of the trotting most experienced experts. He is particularly sharp in southern Sweden and is therefore mainly expert on races from these tracks. If there are races at; Åby, Jægersro, Kalmar or Halmstad then the Lillegård share is perhaps your best shot.

Jens S is also know as the maniac of trotting. Jens does not care about small winnings. This is the stock - and the man - chasing the millions. If it does not pay 7 digits on the bottom line then Jens is rarely interested. Go big or go home with Jens S!